Capturing your essence, through science

Scent is our most personal sense. Among all sensory experiences, the sense of smell
is the one with the strongest emotional connection to our memory. Our brains form strong
associations between the scents that surround us and the feelings we are experiencing.
This is how different smells can trigger different sensations on each person.
Scent is, therefore, very closely connected to our essence, to who we are.


@scandinavian mind, issue 1, 2021

Team behind No Ordinary Scent

Sandra Kinnmark, CEO

When Sandra isn't managing the rollercoaster of a tech startup she explores new yoga poses and works on creating the next acrylic painting masterpiece.

Martin Johansson, CTO

Artificial Intelligence, bugs or system safety. There is no field Martin can't handle. Responsible for our growing tech team and the future of Scent technology, he's got a big part in shaping the future of No Ordinary Scent.

Amelie Saltin Thor, COO

Amelie's personal motto is "Carpe Diem" (yes we know...). However, without her "lets do things differently" mentality, she would probably still be in the London Fashion industry. Instead, she is the backbone of all our processes and structure. Halleluja. 

Lovisa Soderqvist, Scent Guide

Lovisa is an occasional natural soul (and an equally sporadic francophile), with a penchant for everything that tastes and smells good.  During the day she is an aspiring chemist, and on weekends she is the scent guide during workshops.

Pontus Kinnmark, System developer

Pontus builds and iterate on our tech whenever he has time off from studying Computer Science at KTH. As a bonus, he is also a licensed psychologist and contributes with this perspective to No Ordinary Scent.

Axel Rudenschold, Legal Counsel

Axel is working on getting the No Ordinary Scent experience available for everyone in a safe and compliant way. He loves men's fashion and is on his free time running the vintage clothing store "grevens garderob"

August Sello, Laboratory technician

August makes your recipes come to life in the lab. Besides blending perfumes, he enjoys surfing, hiking and skiing!

Matilde Jungdalen, Laboratory technician

During the weekdays Matilde studies chemical engineering at KTH where she enjoys experimenting in the lab. The role as Laboratory Technician suits her perfectly.

Jen Phuong Ngo, Growth Hacker

Jen is in charge of optimizing paid acquisition channels and iterative testing on campaign strategies. Her ultimate goal is to solve bottlenecks and help grow No Ordinary Scent as fast as possible. Outside of work, she is an avid reader, a nature explorer, and a K-drama fan.


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