gender-free, vegan & made in sweden

Tell the story of you through the most powerful sense you have, the sense of smell.

Co-created with you, this perfume transforms your visions and memories into a unique perfume.

650 SEK.
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30 ml. Eau de Parfum

Create your Perfume

Through the visual sense your memories are translated into a unique scent formula.

Add three images and let Artificial Intelligence detect specific tags (season, lighting and people) in your photos. The tags are matched with two custom scent blends to form your perfume recipe.

Blended on demand

When you have created your perfume composition, the perfume is blended and labelled with your perfume name.

Shipped within 10 days from the NoOrdinaryScent™️ laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden.

Modern Perfumery

The NoOrdinaryScent™️ Perfume combine innovative technology and ancient traditions of perfumery, creating a one-of-a-kind product.

This is important to us:
Vegan & Cruelty Free Ingredients
Gender Free Formulas
High Quality Ingredients from Grasse, France

This bottle contains your collected memories.
A fragrance tailored for you.