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A scent has little to no emotional impact before you associate it with feelings. At NOS you are at the center of this neurological process, and with the power to create feelings that truly lasts.

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What our explorers say

I was excited to see what my summer memories would smell like. I've never had anything like my NOS perfume before. At first it felt a bit different from what I'm used to but that’s the exciting part! 

Sara P.

Uppsala, Sweden

I choose my 3 images because they remind me of my amazing summer last year. They represent love, sun, and joy. The scent captured these feelings and I'm really happy to have these memories in a bottle.

Axel R.

Stockholm, Sweden

It was really hard to decide on which images to represent my power scent. I turned as many times before to my most loyal voice - my gut. The result was a uplifting scent that truly spark joy in me.

Linnéa L.P.

Stockholm, Sweden

My scent represents all the lovely memories I have created together with the best people I know. My friends. Their friendship empowers me to be the strong woman I am, and my NOS scent really has captured that feeling.

Therése B.

Karlskoga, Sweden

I wanted to base the perfume on the place where I spend my summers. The scent gets me in the mood to relax and enjoy life. From now on, I will strengthen the connection even more by wearing it whenever I’m there.

Filippa V.

Borås, Sweden

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The ingredients

View some of our blends below, but rest assure we have plenty more in our library...

Blonde Woods

The elegant and sensual cashmeran blends with the holy wood Palo Santo. Said to clear your energy with its warm smoke.

Level: Base note

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Figs & Pencilshavings

Ripe fig leaves, creamy coconut and warm Cedarwood. This blend combine the green fruit with illusive and fresh pencil shavings.

Level: Heart note
Fruity Green

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Gin Tonic

It is what it is. The perfect scent blend you didn't know you missed. Juniper, Fizzy Citrus and Sharp Pepper. 

Level: Top note

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With love from Stockholm + Grasse