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Orders and shipping

Commons questions about ordering your own custom perfume.

Currently we ship to Sweden, Denmark,Finland, Estonia and Germany.

We are currently looking into opening in new markets, so make sure to sign up to our newsletter for updates!

Your order is shipped through one of our shipping partners. This varies depending on which country you live in. In Sweden it is Postnord, in Denmark Bring and in Finland, Estonia and Germany your order is delivered by DHL.

Depending on where you live, the order is either delivered to your door or to a service partner of the shipping agent.

Expect your delivery within 7 - 10 working days in Sweden. For orders to other countries, expect a few working days extra. We always aim to send orders out as soon as they have been produced. If you are in a hurry to recieve your order, contact

Our scents are custom made and made to order and therefor we do not accept returns. (custom made and MTO orders are exempt from the EU wide 14 day return right).

If you consider that you have been sent a faulty product or that you are not satisfied with your order in any other way, please send us an email and we will help you. Please send it to:

To purchase a gift card (to be used for a perfume creation), please follow this link. Once purchased, you (or the one receiving the gift card) can use the attached code to create a personalized perfume.

Currently we don't sell giftcards for workshops. If you wish to give the workshop as a gift, you are welcome to email us at to arrange a time where you can pre pay the workshop at our location in Gamla Stan.

Scents and perfumes

Frequently asked questions about our scents and technology.

To create a perfume you simply click on "create perfume" in the header above. This will transport you to our wizard that will guide you through the simple steps and process to make your own, unique, eau de perfume.

This is up to you of course.

If you would like the original AI-experince of NOS, choose 01. If you prefer to not leave it to chance but choose yourself (which olfactive family and ingredients to be used), select 02. Thirdly, if you would like the AI-experience but don't know which pictures to choose from, we have a large image bank with beautiful pictures you can choose from in 03.

As an example, If you are giving the perfume away as a present, then using the image bank may be a good idea if you do not have images of (or with) the one receiving the gift and don't know which scents they prefer.

Technology can analyze everything. Choose photos you like and that you preferably have some personal memories attached to. Before your perfume is created, there is a preview of the scent composition.

We use a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients sourced from our supplier in Grasse. These raw materials are safe to use and adhere to current regulations. However some of them contain fragrance allergens, therefore, if you have a known allergy, please send us an email and we will guide you personally.

All our perfumes are unisex. Since scents aren't (yet at least) possible to broadcast online, the best way to find out if you like a scent is of course to smell it to see if it fits your personality and your complexion.

Traditionally, scents were never labeled as male or female. Since what's considered a "male or female" fragrance also differs throughout the world, there is little sense in categorizing scents in this way.

The easiest way to re-order a scent is simply by scanning the QR-code on your perfume bottle and follow the steps at the page you've been sent to.

If you ordered your perfume before we launched the QR-code (i.e. your bottle is missing the code), then e-mail us the batch no. on your bottle and we will re-create your scent manually. Send your e-mail to

For private persons, the easiest way to create a scent from scratch is to attend one of our workshops. Please see the section "Workshop" below for more info.

If you represent a business, a collaboration where we together design a unique scent for you may be possible. Please contact us att if you are interested.

We use a combination of synthetic and natural raw materials.

When creating a perfume based on your selected images, our artificial intelligence analyzes the content and matches with scent blends to form your formulation. All scents are made on demand.

Scent and perfume is very subjective. One persons no 1 scent can be someone elses no 10. So there are no guarantees. However, our scents are of the highest quality and our AI-robot has been programmed only to produce scents that smell “nice” 😊

No, we will never test anything on animals. We love them dearly. All our ingredients are 100% vegan.


During the 1,5h workshop, you will compose your own, personalised, 30 ml Eau de Parfum. With the assistance of our scent guide, you will explore our no ordinary blends and rawmaterials, and get a unique insight on how perfumers create scents. A truly personal experience. Please note that our workshops are very popular and slots are released roughly once a month. To ensure you do not miss a slot release, please sign up to our newsletter :)

Contact us at at least 24 hours before your booked experience.

That’s usually no problem. Contact us at

Our workshop studio is located in Stockholm on Skomakargatan 32.

Due to the size of our studio, you can't bring friends who are not going to create a perfume. Many participants come alone to our workshops and we are often several wonderful people that create perfume together.

Yes. We take your integrity seriously. Please read more about this in our privacy policy. We never look at your uploaded photos.

About No Ordinary Scent

More info about us as a company. Also check out our about page.

Sandra Kinnmark, CEO:

Amelie Saltin Thor, COO:

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. All scents are designed and blended in Stockholm, Skomakargatan 32

All personalized scents are blended in our laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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