Scent Stories

Smells like Sara P.
Sara's summer story starts with a cool breeze on hot day, drinking refreshing Aperol spritzers outside and listening to the soft melancholy of Lana Del Rey. Remembering the midsommar celebrations in the park, floral aromas suspended in the air from...
Smells like Filippa V.
Filippa, our social media manager, checks out from chaotic city life in blissful Bjäre. She wanted her personalized scent to smell of her summers, diving into the sea at dawn and watching immaculate sunsets at dusk. Taking tea in lush...
Smells like Therese B.
"My personalized scent represents all the lovely memories I have created together with the best people I know. My friends. Their friendship empowers me to be the strong woman I am, and my NOS scent really has captured that feeling. I love it!"
Smells like Axel R.
"I picked these images because they remind me of my amazing summer last year. They represent love, sun, festivities and joy. They also make me thankful for what has been and, despite current events, truly hopeful of another summer to come."
Smells like Linnea L.
I have been travelling almost my entire adult life. I love it. The feeling of never knowing what's to come trigger my adventurous side. The people, places and moment I have had during my years abroad has definitely shaped me to who I am.