Scent Branding

Enhance your brand identity by communicating your values with scented branding.
NoOrdinaryScent™️ creates your scent profile together with you, and applies it to your desired products.

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Brand Scent for EoE Eyewear

Perfume giveaways and in-store scent

Brand Scented Wunderbaums

for WorkShop the retail agency & employees


@ Royal Academy of engineering (KTH)

Outdoor ads you can smell

Scent campaign for Nick's new icecream

Scented Songcontest

Scent branding for American Songcontest

Fashion Week Perfumes

Live event for Minna Palmqvist Design

Elevated Icecream

Room Scents & Sensory Experience for Nick's

POP-UP Experience

@ xnomad

Dining out @ home

Scented candles for foodora

Tell us your wildest dreams

We like everything thats "No Ordinary". Bring us your scent ideas, and we can turn them into reality together.