Common Questions

Orders and shipping

Commons questions about ordering your own custom perfume.

Expect your delivery within 7-10 working days (10-14 to Finland). We are still a small company and orders are fulfilled two times a week.

Currently we ship to Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We are constantly working on the possibilities of delivering to more countries, so make sure to sign up to our newsletter for updates.

Yes. We take your integrity seriously. Please read more about this in our privacy policy. We never look at your uploaded photos.

Our scents are custom made and made to order and we cannot accept returns unfortunately.

Scents and perfumes

Frequently asked questions about our scents and technology.

Technology can analyze everything. Choose photos you like and that you preferably have some personal memories attached to. Before your perfume is created, there is a preview of the scent composition.

When creating a perfume based on your selected images, our artificial intelligence analyzes the content and matches with scent blends to form your formulation. All scents are made on demand.

Scent and perfume is very subjective. One persons no 1 scent can be someone elses no 10. So there are no guarantees. However, our scents are of the highest quality and our AI-robot has been programmed only to produce scents that smell “nice” 😊

No, we will never test anything on animals. We love them dearly. And all our ingredients are 100% vegan.


During two hours you will explore over 80 scent notes and learn how to balance and compose a perfume. You will compose your own 30 ml Eau de parfum and get personal guidance and help balancing scent notes into a truly personal perfume.

Contact us at at least 24 hours before your booked experience.

That’s usually no problem. Contact us at

Our workshop studio is located in Stockholm on Skomakargatan 32.

Due to the size of our studio, you can't bring friends who are not going to create a perfume at this time, unfortunately. Many participants come alone to workshops and we are often several wonderful companies that create perfume together.


More info about us as a company. Also checkout our about page.

Sandra Kinnmark, CEO:

Amelie Saltin Thor, COO:

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. All scents are designed and blended in Stockholm, Skomakargatan 32

All personalized scents are blended in our laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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