Accords & Bases

A balanced perfume consist of three levels; top, heart and base notes. These different blends can be combined with varying balance to form unique scent recipes.


Figs & Pencilshavings

Ripe fig leaves, creamy coconut and dry Cedarwood. This blend combines the green fruit with illusive and fresh pencilshavings.

Topnotes: Cassis, Citrus
Heartnotes: Figs, Pencil shavings, Creamy Coconut

Metallic Peach

Piquant pink pepper sweetened by juicy peach notes opens this blend, which then settles into salty driftwood and metallic musk.

Topnotes: Pink Pepper
Heartnotes: Peach, Salty Driftwood, Metallic Musk

Rhubarb Smoke

A spicy black pepper note blended with raspberry tartness, freshened by lush green rose and deepened with smouldering wood.

Topnotes: Black Pepper, Raspberry
Heartnotes: Rhubarb, Green Notes, Smoky Woods

Creamy Sandalwood

Lactonic overtures, aromatic black pepper and the soft note of Sandalwood melt together to form this creamy, sensual blend.

Topnotes: Black Pepper, Milky Notes
Heartnotes: Sandalwood

Violet Fantôme

Sweet floral Ambrette with a hint of pepper, tapers into ozonic Violet Leaf swathed in cashmere wood, and nuances of powdery florals.

Topnotes: Ambrette, Soft Pepper
Heartnotes: Violet Leaves, Cashmere Wood, Powdery Flowers

Namaste Ashes

Sweet red fruits are mellowed by an accent of Musc, which rolls into the fumes of incense, the holy wood of Palo Santo and rose petals.  

Topnotes: Red Fruits, Musc
Heartnotes: Incense, Palo Santo, Rose Petals

Heady Flowers

Overdose in an exotic floral shop. Lush jasmine and tuberose finds their lilies and rich roses and later trips into a fruit desert with some calming cashmeran.

Topnotes: Melon, Helvetolide
Heartnotes: Jasmine, Rose, Cashmeran

Soft Suede

A loved ones head on the shoulder, looking into the sunset, a warm summer night in the city.

Topnotes: Sandalwood, Milky notes
Heartnotes: Suede

Champagne Oysters

Walking through the narrow streets close to the mediterranean, in search for the perfect place for your aperitivo.

Topnotes: Bergamot, Salt
Heartnotes: Lilac, Peony, Jasmine


Nordic Nature

Redolent of a day outdoors, balsamic Nordic Pine and herbaceous leaves, glow with the aroma of sauna and woody-fresh Cedarwood.

Base Notes: Nordic Pine, Sauna, Cedarwood, Fresh Leaves

Amber Caramel

Gourmand sweet notes of indulgent vanilla and honeyed caramel, deepen into rich, vibrant undertones of balmy amber.

Base Notes: Vanilla, Caramel, Rich Amber

Vibrant Wood

Earthy, green Vetiver intermingles with brilliant grapefruit, warmed with the woodier notes of Atlas Cedar and deep amber.

Base Notes: Vetiver, Sparkling Grapefruit, Atlas Cedar, Amber

Blonde Woods

Exotic Sandalwood’s soft, sweet accents are combined with resonant, rich amber and lightened with a froth of creamy milk notes.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Milky Notes

Dark Amber

A warm accord of cosy Amber and creamy Tonka Bean, enriched by the toasty note of Roasted Almonds and sweet, smoky tobacco.

Base Notes: Rich Amber, Tonka Beans, Roasted Almonds, Tobacco

Mystic Moss

Damp, earthy moss infused with dark, floral Patchouli is smoked by fragrant incense, with a clean, ethereal vetiver note.

Base Notes: Forest Moss, Patchouli, Vetiver

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