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Scent is our most powerful sense

A scent has very little personal significance until it is intertwined with something that has meaning to you. From the very first whiff of the scent, your brain starts to form nerve connections that interlock the scent with emotions you experience.  This "magic" creates one of the strongest recall abilities in neuroscience. 

Scents that we encounter throughout our life are encoded into our memories using this connection of scent and emotions. Our sincere ambition with NOS is to give you power over this amazing system and create your own liquid photographs.

Top 3 Scent knowledge

1. The Scent Pyramid

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2. Natural vs. Synthetic Ingredients

Our perfumes are made from the finest perfume oils from Grasse, France. We use a combination of natural and synthetic oils. Due to the natural and organic ingredients, color and scent may vary over time. This is part of the natural ageing process.

Natural ingredients comes directly from the natural source, most commonly: flowers, fruits and other types of vegetation.  

Synthetic ingredients are formulated in a lab. These synthetic molecules allow the perfumer’s creativity to expand past the limitations of natural availability, and add originality, tenacity and character to scents when blended together with natural notes.
Synthetic ingredients can be more stable than the natural ones, since often natural occurring allergens have been removed. This provides for a safe product.

3. Scent Families

Scent should be fun!

Once you open the door to the magical world of scents, there is a universe waiting for you. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

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