"Zero compromises
or nothing at all."

sandra & amelie, founders

The start of something new

NOS is a technological perfumery founded in 2019.  

This is a new chapter in scent history that we are writing together. Your NOS scent isn't just made for you, it's made with you. 

Our mission is to bring the overlooked power that links scent and memory to you. The neurological olfactory sense was once a part of the brain’s memory center, and has evolved to enable us to recall memories through scent on a more precise and intense level, than through vision.

We all have strong scent memories that evoke emotions within us. It could be a perfume of a loved one, or perhaps the smell of gasoline, fresh-cut grass, a whiff of tequila or chlorine. Depending on the association made in your brain, a particular scent triggers a specific emotion instantly. When you create a custom made scent, you are in control of which emotions you want to connect to that scent.

We firmly believe that one scent says more than 1000 pictures.

Thoughtfully designed in Stockholm, Sweden.

Brains behind No Ordinary Scent

Sandra Kinnmark, CEO

When Sandra isn't managing the rollercoaster of a tech startup about to launch, she explores new yoga poses and works on creating the next acrylic painting masterpiece.
Yes it's a cliché, but nobody's perfect:)

Oscar Nilsson, CTO

If Oscar were an animal, he would definitely be a shark. He can sniff his way to weaknesses (system-bugs) from miles away.
Scenthustiast with a soft spot for woody/amber notes.

Amelie Saltin Thor, COO

Amelie's personal motto is "Carpe Diem" (yes we know...). However, without her "lets do things differently" mentality, she would probably still be in the London Fashion industry. Instead, she is the backbone of all our processes and structure. Halleluja. 

Filippa Vasilis, Social Media Manager

Filippa is fascinated with people – how we act, dress and interact. You can often find her on the lookout for a new cuisine, museum, or offbeat opportunity. The quirkier, the better… That’s if she’s not scrolling through Instagram, of course.

Lavanya Govender, Brand & Marketing

Forever looking for creative ways to engage an audience, Lavanya seeks inspiration everywhere: art, design, friends, food, foreign lands, music & memes...  She is also super enthusiastic about communication and fragrance, and therefore you will hear her talking about fragrance… a lot!

NOS, Artificial Intelligence Robot

I am eager to learn about the world, especially how it smells. I don’t really have a nose like you humans do, so I’m grateful that my dad, Oscar, has tough me how to recognize scents. Please, keep em coming cause I want to smell more!


Get in touch via hello@noordinaryscent.com

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