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@scandinavian mind, issue 1, 2021

Brains behind NoOrdinaryScent™️

Sandra Kinnmark, CEO

When Sandra isn't managing the rollercoaster of a tech startup about to launch, she explores new yoga poses and works on creating the next acrylic painting masterpiece.
Yes it's a cliché, but nobody's perfect:)

Martin Johansson, CTO

Artificial Intelligence, bugs or system safety. There is no field Martin can't handle. Responsible for our growing tech team and the future of Scent technology, he's got a big part in shaping the future of No Ordinary Scent.

Amelie Saltin Thor, COO

Amelie's personal motto is "Carpe Diem" (yes we know...). However, without her "lets do things differently" mentality, she would probably still be in the London Fashion industry. Instead, she is the backbone of all our processes and structure. Halleluja. 

Giulia Faggion, Graphic Designer

Adventures obsessed, Giulia took a detour from Italy through Australia to finally land in Stockholm and fall in love with the “lagom” lifestyle, the long summer days and the endless winter. She loves design challenges and consider creatives ideas through the lens of the business metrics. Not a “dribble” type of designer :)

Lovisa Söderqvist, Scent Guide

Lovisa is an occasional natural soul (and an equally sporadic francophile), with a penchant for everything that tastes and smells good.  During the day she is an aspiring chemist, and on weekends she is the scent guide during workshops.

Johanna Häggman, Tech Lead

Having a 400 kilo horse jump up and body slam your foot can lead to great things. That’s how programming became Johannas passion. She strongly believes that with wine and Google as your friends no challenge is too big!  

Pontus Kinnmark, Tech intern

Pontus does a bit of everything at the office whenever he has time off from studying Computer Science at KTH. As a bonus, he is also a licensed psychologist and contributes with this perspective to No Ordinary Scent.

Matilde Jungdalen, Laboratory

During the weekdays Matilde studies chemical engineering at KTH where she enjoys experimenting in the lab. Therefore the role as Laboratory assistant suits her perfectly. In the lab is where you find her!



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