We know when it's there, and when it's missing.
The invisible element that evokes an immediate feeling of "everything" is right. Scent.
Together with ceramic artist Ingrid Unsöld we have designed a one of a kind art piece.
Let the visual and etheral create a harmonious transition between everyday life and a new world.

The artist

My work as ceramic designer revolves around the poetry of everyday life. How design and craftsmanship contribute the experience of materiality in the things around us. I put my attention to the shape, the structure of the surface and the weight of the object. Striving for  timeless and graphic shapes with a dash of humor.

Ingrid unsöld
senses x science

Developed to diffuse a personal scent oil created with AI.
Curated by you with flowers, the NoOrdinaryScent™️ diffuser is a unique piece of art that awakens every sense.