Smells like Therese B.

Smells like Therese B.

Meet Therese, an Interior Architect, living in Stockholm, whose friends add a special spark to her life.

Capturing these companionships in her NOS scent, Therese’s is reminiscent of long dinner conversations that last up until the early morning, hugs, smiles, laughter and tears … a strong shoulder to lean on when needed.

"My personalized scent represents all the lovely memories I have created together with the best people I know. My friends. Their friendship empowers me to be the strong woman I am, and my NOS scent really has captured that feeling. I love it!"

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Scent Profile

Therese’s scent smoulders of smoked citrus peel, tart and flamed, this opening note rolls into the warm, spicy heart of rose, which finally settles with a vibrant, sturdy woody base.

Therese B Bottle preview

"I thought it smelt different from most perfumes. I can’t wait to wear it on a night out. I think it’s the perfect scent for that."

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