Smells like Sara P.

Smells like Sara P.

Sara's summer story starts with a cool breeze on hot day, drinking refreshing Aperol spritzers outside and listening to the soft melancholy of Lana Del Rey. Remembering the midsommar celebrations in the park, floral aromas suspended in the air from fresh-cut flower garlands, laughing with friends and feeling free.

"The experience online was super smooth, and it was exciting to see what my summer memories would produce."

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Scent Profile

Easy and breezy, Sara’s personalised fragrance arrives with an aromatic incense top note, trailed by a heart of fruity and floral notes, before drying down into the base of creamy wood.

Filippa's bottle preview

"I've never had a perfume quite like my NOS perfume before so at first it felt a bit different from what I'm used to but that’s the exciting part of it all !"

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