Smells like Linnea L.

Smells like Linnea L.

Equal parts freedom as responsibility

I have been travelling almost my entire adult life. I love it. The feeling of never knowing what's to come trigger my adventurous side. The people, places and moments I have had during my years abroad has definitely shaped me to who I am. I don't know what it was that made me move back home to Sweden. Age? A feeling of not belonging anywhere? Whatever it was, it scared me. What was I supposed to do with my life now? Somehow it slowly started to make sense, I met my love Oscar, reconnected with old friends and pursued my interest in medicine. Today it's kind of surreal. I'm graduating as a nurse. With my first real job at an actual hospital. Looks like Im here to stay. For now, at least :)

Letting the gut decide

It was really hard to decide on which images to represent my power scent. I turned as many times before to my most loyal voice - my gut. The result was three images that truly spark joy in me. Somehow the mix makes perfect sense to me.

"Entering a new more stable phase of my life & love"
"The feeling of exploring underwater"


For me, "Salt+Blood" stands for the clear insight that I don't have to choose between being one or the other. I don't have to let go of my adventurous side just because I now have an education and steady job. The combination between the two is who I am, just now.


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