Smells like Axel R.

Smells like Axel R.

Axel spent last summer in the city, surrounded by festivities and friends. The city usually comes alive around this time of year, with most people moving their lifestyles outside, revelling in the sun, enjoying celebrations in parks, a dip in the sea and just making the most of the warmer months. Axel's NOS fragrance embodies these brighter days and takes him back to it time and again.

"I picked these images because they remind me of my amazing summer last year. They represent love, sun, festivities and joy. They also make me thankful for what has been and, despite current events, truly hopeful of another summer to come."

Axel's 1st picture Axels 2nd image
Axel's 3rd image

Scent Profile

Gin-like juniper combines with bergamot, for a fresh aromatic first impression. Axel’s personalized scent starts like a spring morning, with a verve of violet and verdant green leaves in the heart, which warms into a summery base of sandalwood and hazy amber.

Bottle preview

"My first impression of the scent was almost like a gust of spring, a very fresh scent with some fruitiness yet still warm. It really captured the feeling I was hoping for."

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